Junior Doctors Committee Exec

Yesterday I was elected onto the Executive Committee of the BMA JDC. Here is my statement to Junior Doctors about who I am, and what I think the way forward is.


Yesterday I was voted onto the vacant position on JDC Exec. I wanted to say a few things about who I am, what I have done and what I want to happen next.

I am a 3 day old CT1 ACCS AM trainee. I am the secretary of the Northern JDC.

I voted against the contract, I ran a campaign against. I think it is discriminatory, unfair and does not address the issues and concerns of junior doctors.

I believe that we need to step up our action against imposition. I know that plans are being put in place, I will use my new position to put forward that these plans reflect the views of the members. That imposition is not acceptable. That this contract is not acceptable and we must robustly face it down. I believe that this means the BMA must call more industrial action and that this should be clearly escalated from what has gone before.
On the issues.

Junior doctors should not be asked to sign a contract that discriminates against women, those with disabilities or caring roles.
We need a contract that properly recognises and rewards out of hours work.
We need a contract that recruits and retains doctors, and ensures that we are able to train.
All of these ultimately benefit not just ourselves but our patients.

Justice for Health.
We must fully support justice for health. The argument that they threaten our national terms and conditions is weak. 5 BMA members don’t do that. The government does, it is the BMAs job to stand up to that kind of bullying on our behalf.

You can argue the merits of their case and the likelihood of their success. But I stand fully beside them and they are doing a truly remarkable thing.

Junior doctors need to be free to make a protected disclosure. I’m no lawyer, but it has been made quite clear to me that the most straightforward solution to this is for HEE to be legally an employment agency. The SoS has the power to make this happen. He should use that power.

Is under threat like never before. We need a BMA that champions universal healthcare, free at the point of use, paid for through general taxation and organised and run in the interest of patients not profits. The BMA actually has really good policy in this area. It is time to fight for that policy to become a reality.

Bursary or Bust
Student Nurses work as part of their training. They should be paid for this. The BMA should stand shoulder to shoulder with the nurses of the future to fight their corner and I commend the medical students who have taken up this issue within the BMA.

If anyone wants to read more about my positions on the dispute throughout the past year and on some wider political issues its all here ahealthyblog.svbtle.com

Moving forward.
We are at a crossroads, where we go next is up to all of us. The BMA moves too slowly for many. It often moves far to slowly for me. But it is moving, and we will continue to build up steam.

We have a choice, we can seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to make our working lives better or we can watch as our contracts, our hospitals and our patients are ripped away from us.

I’ve chosen to roll up my sleeves up and get stuck in. I know that’s what thousands of you do each and every day at work. (I’ve seen the rota gap data.)

Unity isn’t powerful when everyone agrees, that usually means you have already cut some people out. Now is the real test, can we put aside our differences, can we we work together to put the best interests of our patients, our colleagues and our friends first?
I know I can, I know I have been. Which is why I know I have the support of Reena, Bala and Jeeves as well as Ben, Chris and Kishan.
I’m just one voice, I can’t promise you miracles. But I will fight your corner.
Fill in your rota gaps tinyurl.com/rotgap
Join your LNC
Support Justice 4 Health
Buy Rishi’s single, crowdfund the National Health Singers
Keep pushing the BMA to be better, to do more and act in our interests.

Do whatever you can, and together lets go fight imposition.


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